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Vegemite Stubby Holder

US $9.29

Kris Kringle sorted… Iconic VEGEMITE stubby holders for all!

Keep your drinks cool with the Mitey Vegemite Stubby holder, perfect for summer beach days, barbeques and picnics.

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So you’re a fan of Vegemite, but have you hit ‘wear it all summer long on a t-shirt and stubby holder’ level? You’ll be the envy of all your mates with this Mitey Stubby Holder, guaranteed to keep your drinks cool this summer. The perfect Kris Kringle gift this Christmas, summer beach days, barbeques and picnics.

The neoprene stubby holder features a glued-in base, stitched seams, overlocking top and the iconic Vegemite logo wrapped around the design. Fits any standard 375ml cans and premium beer bottles.

Product specifications

Material: 5mm Neoprene

Dimensions: 73mm (diameter) x 110mm (height)

Care instructions: Do not put in dishwasher or washing machine.